Saturday, April 3, 2010

I HATE TIME ZONES! (Looking For Models)

Because Time Difference Is A Pain In The Ass (Excuse My Language xD) , I`m Going To Have To Cancel The Staff Meeting And Send Everyone Their Assignments.

Anyway,This Is The Time Where I`m Looking For Those Gorgeous People Who Do Shoots For Magazines AKA , Models. ** I`M REMINDING YOU THAT I ALREADY HAVE MY CG AND CB**.

 Send Me A Stardoll Mail Including Your Name,Age And Previous Experience To Apply.

I`m Looking For :

1. 4 Fresh,Bright Faces For Our Harajuku Article.
2. 4 Elegant,Refined Faces For Our Ethni(City) Article. (We Need 1 Black,1 Asian,1 Indian And 1 White)
3.1 Pretty,Young Face For Our Makeup Tutorial. (Needs To Own Lots Of Makeup)

So Yup,The Magazine Is Going To Be Ready In May.The Release Date Will Probably Be Around May 9th-15th.

Other Than That,I`ve Got The Teaser ALMOST Ready,I Just Need To Perfect The Type.